Is this a next gen handheld?

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User Info: WhatIsayGoesOK

7 years ago#1
Not another DS like DSI or DS lite? A full blown new handheld?
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User Info: Fer476

7 years ago#2
*sigh* You tell me. It has its own section on the platforms. what?

User Info: Jarinmack

7 years ago#3
Look at the games(and graphics & features) and find out yourself
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User Info: Link3

7 years ago#4
And the sticky. You know, the one that says, "Please read before posting."


User Info: Teremei

7 years ago#5
Yes it is a next gen handheld. So when PSP2 is released both 3DS and PSP2 will be in the same "gen". Since the systems probably won't get new consoles for atleast 2-3 years it seems the handheld gens have their own "gen". In other words will the PS4, 720, and WiiHD be considered the same gen as 3DS?
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User Info: ShadowTheHHFan

7 years ago#6
The 8th Generation of gaming has started.
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User Info: pichufan2000

7 years ago#7
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  3. Is this a next gen handheld?

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