is the 3DS backward compatible with psp games?

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User Info: Diggerdude

7 years ago#11
If TC is actually serious... he has just won the the dumbest 3DS question of the month award. And that's quite a feat, considering how much brain-bending stupidity we get around here.
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User Info: d0wner

7 years ago#12
I'm gonna say no, based solely on the fact that PSP go is not backwards compatible with PSP.
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User Info: GTRagnarok

7 years ago#13

From: Zanimar | #009
Now if you are asking if the 3DS is powerful enough to emulate the PSP and play PSP games at 100% ability... Doubtful but we won't know until the special people try. I'd go with no due to usually needing double the power of a system to be able to emulate it at 100% capability with no graphical, sound, or gameplay glitches.

You need way more than double the power.
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User Info: Shinobi120

7 years ago#14
This topic is just flat out stupid. Of course, the 3DS won't be compatible with PSP games. It's very impossible to, unless developers don't mind porting most of the PSP's library onto the 3DS & the 3DS cards/carts.

User Info: ToastIsWoosh

7 years ago#15
These topics are getting real old real quick. >_>

User Info: ShadowTheHHFan

7 years ago#16

From: ToastIsWoosh | #015
These topics are getting real old real quick. >_>

More like they're getting real young, real slow like.
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User Info: leeko_link

7 years ago#17
"is the 3DS backward compatible with psp games?"

Yeah if both were made by Nintendo.

User Info: apolloooo

7 years ago#18
topic like this makes " the 3ds is going to blow... or the 3ds will suck, or the 3ds is going to fail. . . " much more funnier
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