Release Confirmed To Be Before The End of 2010

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User Info: Iwata_Miyamoto

7 years ago#1
In September, Pokemon Black and White Versions are to be released. A few new features are to be exclusive to the 3DS. If logic is used, then we can assume that they would want to take advantage of this feature whilst the buzz of the game is still fresh.
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User Info: sarevokmb

7 years ago#2
That does not = confirmed in any way whatsoever.
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Prince Shondronai 7 years ago#3
They could always just release Pokemon Ultraviolet around the time of the 3DS's later release, thus renewing the buzz surrounding Black and White.
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User Info: GTRagnarok

7 years ago#4
Terrible topic.
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User Info: ToastIsWoosh

7 years ago#5
Dammit, don't make topics like these if you don't have a source. No one cares about theories, I want an actual release date. >_>

User Info: SocksForWok

7 years ago#6
If anything the 3DS release would just reignite the buzz.
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User Info: Link3

7 years ago#7
The Legend of Zelda Oracle series came out in February 2001 in Japan. They had special shops only available if you play on a GBA.

The GBA, however, didn't come out until March.

Granted, that was only a one month difference, but the point stands.


User Info: KogaSteelfang

7 years ago#8
This is the 2nd time this topic was posted today.
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User Info: gamester_12345

7 years ago#9
I wish Nintendo did the whole 'prepairing thing in advance' thing when they made Platinum, would've been good if i could use the DSi's connection method instead of going through the painful changing of WEP to WPA or wheatever the original DS used, speaking of which, can HG/SS use the DSi's settings instead of connecting to wi-fi by DS mode?
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User Info: Smo459

7 years ago#10
You know the features work for the DSi too right?
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