Which games do you hope will be available for the 3DS launch?

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  3. Which games do you hope will be available for the 3DS launch?

User Info: Bryon15

7 years ago#1
These are the ones I want:

kid icarus uprising
kingdom hearts 3DS
the legend of zelda ocarina of time 3DS
mario kart 3DS
paper mario 3DS
star fox 64 3D
sonic the hedgehog 3DS
super street fighter 4 3D edition
dragonball 3DS
super mario 3DS

Now of course I don't expect all of these big name games to be available at the time of launch. But I'm hoping at least 3 of them will be. Heck I'll even take 2. Just please don't let there be only 1 game worth buying at launch. I'm tried of buying a new system just for one game at launch. I already did this with the DS phat (super mario 64 ds) and the wii (the legend of zelda twilight princess).
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User Info: Megaman Omega

Megaman Omega
7 years ago#2
- Super Mario 3D

The rest can take its time.
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User Info: leeko_link

7 years ago#3
For me, it's Kid Icarus only, the rest are still in the deciding stage for me.

User Info: leak_man

7 years ago#4
Super Street Fighter IV, Ocarina of Time, and Star Fox 64 3D.
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User Info: Sano_sky

7 years ago#5
animal crossing
harvest moon
mario cart
and any gundam game.
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User Info: plagamesforeva

7 years ago#6
Super Street Fighter 4, Ocarina of Time, Mario KArt, and Star Fox!
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User Info: celticsage

7 years ago#7
I expect Kid Icarus, LOZ: Oot 3DS, Nintendogs + Cat's, Mario Kart 3DS (although I know one of these won't be out at launch probably Kid Icarus) from Nintendo 3rd parties I don't know. I think RE, SF4, MGS, FF, and KH are still early in the development stage. I'd add the Gundam game but I doubt it'll ever be released outside of Japan. Oh and for the Martha Stewert fan's (what happened to all of you her game was in 3rd)
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User Info: koopatroopa1015

7 years ago#8
All I care about for now is Mario Kart, Paper Mario, and Kid Icarus Uprising. I'll deal with other games later on.
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  3. Which games do you hope will be available for the 3DS launch?

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