Why hasn't there been a portable system with Dual analog yet?

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User Info: Megaman Omega

Megaman Omega
7 years ago#41

From: AlphaWhelp | #009
yeah everyone said that about the iPhone until it was released.

What? As far as i've seen, everyone was totally hyped about the iPhone, just like people are totally hyped about everything made by Apple.
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User Info: Limen123

7 years ago#42

From: KogaSteelfang | #036
I don't understand the lefty arguments. I mean, yeah sure, I see what you're saying, using your recessive hand can be awkward.

But let's look deeper. You've been playing games with the movement controls on the left your whole gaming life. Now, if a 2 sticked device came out, I believe it would be even more awkward to have you use the right hand stick to control movement, just so you could use the touchscreen easier. It's trading awkwardness for awkwardness.

We never said anything about wanting the right side stick to be the movement. All we said was that if touchscreen was used for the second one, it'd be hard for us.
If the second stick was implemented instead of touchscreen, it'd be easier because if you've played console games before, you'd already be used to it. Take Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days for instance. If it had a second analog, it'd be much easier for me to use the camera, since the rest of the series also used the second stick for camera use.

Also, it'd be up to the developers to implement this new control system. I haven't seen many PS games where the righthand stick was used for more than camera controls, or a few rare techniques. It'd still most likely be left side controlled.

Another Issue, you switch so the right side stick moves your character and you can use the touchscreen. But suddenly you need to jump and shoot something... you can't. The action buttons are all on the right hand side. You'd have to sacrifice the ability to move to perform actions. IMO that's worse, I'd rather be forced to use my less dominant hand than to switch to a new, unfamiliar and ridiculously clumsy control scheme, just for a slight sense of familiarity in the case I'd need the touchscreen.

Simple answer is, the left control stick is by far the best choice when it comes to control.

Again, never said anything about right stick controlling movement. I've never even seen a game do that before. >_>
If there was a second stick, the second one would most likely be camera control or menu control, seeing as how the 3DS is as powerful as PS2/Xbox at launch. If the Touchscreen is needed, just spam the attack button, and press whatever you need on the touchscreen. Simple as that.
It's just like playing on a console. When using the controller, you might need to press the pause or select button, which is located in the center, where the touchscreen would be.
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