Im not impressed with the 3DS

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User Info: JackTheRimmer

7 years ago#1
I've been checking out videos and the 3D doesnt blow me away.I think the 3ds will flop,no reason to abaondon the DS.

User Info: DarkShadowRage

7 years ago#2
|Proud owner of a Nintendo Wii 04/07/07|A big time Samus Fan|I'm Probably the biggest Samus Fan you'll ever meet.

User Info: ToastIsWoosh

7 years ago#3
Oh look, it's this topic again. 3D can't be seen in the videos, TC. >_>

User Info: Zanimar

7 years ago#4
OMG I saw trailers for 3D movies and omg they suck cause the 3d sucks, it's like there isn't any 3D at all. Lol I'm not gonna pay to watch a 3D movie when the trailers online don't show 3D. LolLolLolLOl!!!!!1111!!!!!

yeah, that's how you sound to me except with 3DS instead of 3D movies.

User Info: iLLsteeze

7 years ago#5
your name is jack, and you are a rimmer. please look up the meaning of rimmer and tell me you didnt just own yourself x1000

User Info: Woopdude

7 years ago#6
Oh my god! TC, you can watch 3D videos through your PC!? You have a superpower right there! I mean, no one else can see 3D through a camera recording.

User Info: turoklord

7 years ago#7
Clearly a joke topic.
Go Oilers!!
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