Seriously guys wth? All this "PSP is better" stuff.

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  3. Seriously guys wth? All this "PSP is better" stuff.

User Info: KaiserLome

7 years ago#1
With all this "PSP will still be better than 3DS" stuff.. No it's not, I'm sorry but just because you like Sony doesn't mean that there handheld is going to magically improve whenever a better one is released.

I like Sony too, I love the PSP, but I am probably going to love the 3DS as well.

In specs
In innovation

3DS = DS with improvements on both of those,

So now 3DS is better than PSP in both aspects, so why can't you just accept that it is the better handheld?

I can't believe you're even arguing about this >.<

User Info: DCJoeDog

7 years ago#2
DJ Max ;-)
t(--t) DCJoeDog t(--t)
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User Info: IfOnlyForOnce

7 years ago#3
Clicked on topic title expecting "is true"
don't know whether disappoint or not
Get smashed, gate crash!

User Info: ToastIsWoosh

7 years ago#4
I haven't seen those topics around since the weeks after E3. Why the sudden urge to make a topic TC?

User Info: KaiserLome

7 years ago#5
I still see them, not on here though, probably should of checked before ranting about it lol sorry.

User Info: ToastIsWoosh

7 years ago#6
Haha, it's okay. I'm annoyed that PSP fanboys cling to their last shred of hope too, I'm just glad I haven't seen any of them around here lately. :P

User Info: KaiserLome

7 years ago#7
I'd call myself a pspfanboy but I don't really follow groups so I was quick to change to the better console :P

User Info: GTRagnarok

7 years ago#8
I really wonder what Sony is planning for their next handheld, if there even will be one. Try to be "innovative" or just try to wow people with amazing graphics.

PS: Who dared mark my topic!
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User Info: KevinceKostner

7 years ago#9
I can't believe people are calling the 3DS the better system already. You said yourself that specs don't matter, and that is the only thing you can go on at this point, a couple of tech demos do not in any way give the full measure of the system and its games. How about not being an idiot either and leave judgments when you can actually play the system your self.
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User Info: steve9842005

7 years ago#10
Obviously since we can't play the system yet, we'll base our judgements right now on the thousands of positive hands-on impressions from E3 that said the 3DS was simply amazing.

We've seen the RE trailer, augmented reality demo (showing what the 3D camera can do), Mario Kart, Kid Icarus, MGS, etc etc etc.

It's easy to be excited with a line up like that from a system that is blowing away everyone the second they look at it. Jimmy Fallon's reaction when he played it on his talk show was priceless.
Les Claypool/Primus bass GT:Steve9842006
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  3. Seriously guys wth? All this "PSP is better" stuff.

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