Seriously guys wth? All this "PSP is better" stuff.

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  3. Seriously guys wth? All this "PSP is better" stuff.

User Info: Megaman Omega

Megaman Omega
7 years ago#31
To be honest, it doesn't matter wether it was on purpose or not, typs was pretty awful anyway.
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User Info: zeplin1180

7 years ago#32
first off, you shouldn't be paying ANY attention to those who want to start irrational arguments about the PSP being better than the 3DS, or the 3DS/DS being better than the PSP. if someone is attempting with all of their might to try to convince everyone that the PSP is better than the 3DS, or that the 3DS is better than the PSP or PSP2, then they're simply not worth recognising.

but when someone genuinely wants to compare two systems to better their overall knowledge about portables, then that's an entirely different story.

to the TC... i've noticed a little hypocrisy here...
i like how you imply that everyone should stop with the "PSP is better than the 3DS" topics/arguments, and then one second later you turn around and state your own opinions about the 3DS like they're all now somehow magically turned into cold hard facts.

even with all that has been said about the 3DS in regards to how awesome it'll be (i'm buying mine on day #1), no one really, truly knows how it's going to stand up not only against whatever Sony puts out next, but also with any other portable in the gaming market. it's simply impossible to know.

we can all pretend to know how well it will do, but that's all it is in the end right now... a big guess or guesstimation if you will. usually, each new system that comes out doesn't have a lot to do with the system before it. the DS is proof of this. so you then can't just say that because the DS was successful, the 3DS therefore will also be successful. again, there's simply no way to know for sure 100%???

User Info: zeplin1180

7 years ago#33
and another thing...
in the real world, there is no "better than"... it's just which one i/you/we/everyone think is better. you can argue and spin around that fact all you want. but the one thing you can never do is make me personally believe that the DS, for example, is better than the PSP. you just can't do it!

and who knows, i might say the same about the 3DS compared to everything else?? the point is, is it's just my opinion. but if i do, you again cannot change the FACT that it is my opinion. it is my opinion that i think the PSP is the best handheld i've ever played... that's just a fact for me.

but, when it goes beyond me, there are simply no facts... even if it is comparing the PSP to the 3DS, the 5DS, or whatever Nintendo portable will exist even in the year 2342!!

i being a Nintendo fan, have to admit... it's a little weird putting a next gen portable(the 3DS) up against the PSP(a current gen portable) regardless of which one you like more?! that's ssort of like putting the original GB up against the GBA SP. they're not even close to being in the same category, let alone is it a fair comparison. the kind of people who think it is right to compare the two are just fulfilling their innermost urge to see something they don't like lose so that they can get their short burst of pleasure. it's actually kind of sad.

User Info: MetaKirbyFan

7 years ago#34
TC, what makes you think opinions can be wrong? And the 3DS hasn't even come out yet. Are they the real fanboys?

I don't know about you guys but I don't want a 3ds I will stick with my psp

*Looks at username*

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  3. Seriously guys wth? All this "PSP is better" stuff.

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