Would You Rather Have a Release Date Now or Price?

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User Info: jmeyer2039

7 years ago#51
"I think I'll take the release date since it's obvious 3DS is more expensive than DSi but cheaper than a wii."

That translates to, "it's obvious 3DS is more than $170 but less than $200." Is that what you intended? That's a pretty small range...

User Info: steelergrizz

7 years ago#52
I'd rather have the price - I need to know if I should get excited about getting it on release, or if I'll be holding off for a while

I've got a good job, but also things like a wife, kid, and bills to take care of before I can buy toys for me. So it goes though : ) Despite having a job, I'm in the same boat as kids still on allowance - man I wish the days of living with my parents being able to blow money left and right.

User Info: Stepmaniarunner

7 years ago#53
I'd rather see the date today so I can reserve my 3DS tomorrow.

User Info: Megaman Omega

Megaman Omega
7 years ago#54

From: Megaguts | #029
Sure it's less likely, but the fact is a couple hundred dollar purchase is still a fairly big purchase. People who make thousands of dollars per month most likely have other things they have to pay for too (gas, food, house, bilks, ect)

Unless gas, food, house, etc. will get their monthly earning down to like 25$, my point stands.
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User Info: grans

7 years ago#55
Bills can be extremely high, as can food prices and gas (especially now with the sky high gas prices). You've also got taxes to worry about. Living expenses can easily get in the thousands each month, very easily. Where i live in particular has extremely high sales tax (9.25%) as well as sky high electricity bills. I've got money to spare, but i have a better job than some other people who also spend money on games and systems. Some people also live in an apartment so they have to pay rent. Or perhaps they have a mortgage. The possible fees can really add up, even for people who actually have really good jobs. Add more family members, and perhaps even college, the list could potentially go on and on.

The point stands though, worth. Even if you're very well off with no financial constraints whatsoever, people still have limits they'll pay for something. Frugality is not an unwise thing. There's a specific worth to objects. Even if you're rich, you hopefully aren't one of the morons who waste money on things that aren't worth what they cost. There are a lot of stupid people who buy worthless things for a lot of money though, but intelligent people will be judges on an object's worth regardless of their own income.
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