Ubisoft seems to hint a 3ds release this year..?

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User Info: xfactor

7 years ago#1
There is an Assassin's creed for the 3ds in the work. However, Ubisoft also said that there will be no assassin's creed next year.

In yet another article, they stated that they plan to have 6 to 8 titles for the 3ds launch. They just happened to have 6 titles announced for the 3ds at e3 this year, including assassin's creed. Connect the dots and it seems that ubisoft are hinting a 3ds launch this year.

User Info: sumweeaboo

7 years ago#2
Nintendo isn't gonna pass up on the holidays.

User Info: silver knux

silver knux
7 years ago#3
I wouldn't bet on all the game Ubisoft announced coming out around the 3DS launch. Probably a large portion of what they are planning are shovelware ports from the DS or something similar. Just look how the first Red Steel turned out for the Wii at launch. I'd rather not have that kind of garbage from the get-go but there's nothing I can do to stop them.

And the comment about Assassin's Creed could mean that the 3DS version won't be available till 2012 anyways.

And I'd already guessed the system was launching this year, and it likely will, but we don't have a proper confirmation yet.
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