So how many of you...

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User Info: turtleman64

7 years ago#1
bring your portable along with every game you own with you everywhere you go? That's what people make it seem like when they say "well than I'll have to carry more than one system when I go out if I can't play all my games one one system."

If anything I'll usually only bring one, maybe two at the most at a time. I'm usually never really playing more than one game at a certain time anyway.

User Info: AceBandage_Jr

7 years ago#2
If it has good music playback, it might replace my MP3 player, which I do take everywhere.
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User Info: PChaosWM

7 years ago#3
I don't bring my DS everywhere. If it were a bit smaller and the games could simply be installed on the system so I didn't have to carry games around I might consider it but the technology just isn't there right now.
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User Info: TravisIsGod

7 years ago#4
I carry my DS around a lot but usually with just one game.
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User Info: ohh42

7 years ago#5
Depends on the situation but I bring it around kind of a lot. Not as much as I used to bring my Gameboy around as a kid but still a decent amount of the time it's with me.
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User Info: Smokeybear18

7 years ago#6
I usually take my DSi a lot of places.
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User Info: Woopdude

7 years ago#7
I always carry my DS Lite around. Not all my games though. Just one or two.

I'm sure I'll do the same with my 3DS, because of that eternal tag mode thing.

User Info: turtleman64

7 years ago#8
Which makes me wonder why exactly people make the arguement againt less BC that they'd have to carry multiple systems around with them. :\

User Info: Megaman Omega

Megaman Omega
7 years ago#9
I don't take my portable systems everywhere i go, and that's not just because the Micro is the only one of them that fits into my pockets without being unconfortable (and the case takes care of that). The only time i use the "portability" is when i'm in the train because that takes a while (spending about an hour a day in there) and when i go visit a mate, because it's much easier to take a portable system with you rather than a home console, but then again, i bring my Wii along most of the time to brawl.

When i play on portable consoles then i do so at home most of the time. That said, im all for more online and stuff. Playing on a handheld, laptop and home console/computer are three entirely different situations.
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User Info: Stankymoo

7 years ago#10
I take my game boy pocket most places. With tetris.
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