For anyone thats getting Pokemon Black or White.......

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User Info: kangle4

7 years ago#11
getting both day one.
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User Info: Lief_of_Del

7 years ago#12
Why are some of you getting both? I've never understood that.
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User Info: ffdgh

7 years ago#13
well the dsi and 3ds adds a special feature to it soooo yeah lolz
omg hg/ss /

User Info: Megaman Omega

Megaman Omega
7 years ago#14

From: MechWarrior14 | #001
I'm not going to be getting a whole new system just to play a game I could get on a system I already have.

So you're not interested in any 3DS game that's coming out, including all the thousands of games that haven't been announced yet, like per example the gen 6 pokemon games?

From: kangle4 | #011
getting both day one.

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User Info: Ichigo_kurasaki

7 years ago#15
I'm getting both when they come out, no matter which one comes first...I'll get Pokemon White(Or which ever one has the Black Digimon looking pokemon) and a 3DS, unless OoT3D or SF643D Are launch titles and Pokemon B/W is released on the same day as the 3DS...then it's all 3DS and one of the remakes <.<
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User Info: Megaguts

7 years ago#16
Probably just the 3DS, then the inevitable Grey (or w/e the 3rd game will be) release for 3DS
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User Info: GREEN00

7 years ago#17
3DS launch will be long before B/W's US launch.
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User Info: infintebajan

7 years ago#18
I need to transfer my pokemon from platinum to black and I don't trust people with my legendaries and EV'd pokemon so i kind of need both
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User Info: GamerofFury

7 years ago#19
B/W's launch is in Spring 2011. That means it can be in March 2011.
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