Does anyone expect a 3DSi or 3DSi XL?

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User Info: Stankymoo

7 years ago#1
Of course they might not use those exact names, but still. Anyone? I'm not sure what to think, but obviously it will depend on how well the 3DS sells.
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User Info: Zanimar

7 years ago#2
Well seeing as how the 3DS will have 3DSware from the start, the only thing we may see is a 3DS XL, but no DSi type of upgrade.

User Info: Quite_Whittle

7 years ago#3
More like a 3DSlite.

User Info: vidalmoraza

7 years ago#4
Actually, yes, there is new technology that makes the angle of the 3D effect bigger, new screens, the 3DS is done months ago, so they can release with those new screens, no need to be at a certain angle to see it...
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User Info: Tengu_spam

7 years ago#5
Nintendo loves our money so yes.
(nothing wrong with that)

User Info: T-Viral-X

7 years ago#6
Well, the 3DS is already DSi-esque, so not that.
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User Info: strongo9

7 years ago#7
The only upgrade I'm expecting to see is a 3DS XL. It is essentially already at the DSi stage. It doesn't need a size reduction or minor upgrades.
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User Info: elheber

7 years ago#8
An improved 3DS? Yes. Nintendo has always released improved versions of their handhelds. What exactly they'll add to the 3DS is a mystery, though.
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User Info: dspmusik

7 years ago#9
I know it seems like they just want our $$$, but don't we like it when car companies redesign our favorite models? Isn't it nice to get a new computer with new features? A new TV? These are products you already own, yet upgraded versions of them become available. You aren't forced to buy it, and you can even wait 2 more years till the first upgrade is released to get a 3ds if you like.
As for me, i'll buy probably every version at a midnight release, and sell the old model on ebay (my DSi shipped out a few weeks ago, BTW)
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User Info: StarSonic

7 years ago#10
Hmmm, I don't know actually. I see the 3DS very much like a GameBoy Color. With the original GameBoy, the original GBA, and the original DS, at least one upgrade was released.

The GameBoy had the Pocket (and in Japan, the Light).
The GBA had the SP and Micro.
And the DS so far has had the most iterations with the Lite, DSi, and DSi XL.

But, if you recall, the GameBoy Color stayed the GameBoy Color. It was a system that could only be improved through a total revamp of the hardware, a la the GameBoy Advance. I see the 3DS to be the same deal. It's already thin and sleek, it's got the cameras from the DSi, the internet and DSi Shop should work fine on it, it's got the signature 3D effects, and an analogue stick. The only thing they could possibly do to entice new buyers is to release a version with a higher quality camera (like, I don't know, something that can at least compete with my CELL PHONE??) or a longer battery life if the 3DS has a short one for whatever reason.

Additionally, I also see a lot of similarities between the 3DS and the GameBoy Color because of how it appropriates and builds upon the DS hardware, but features improved graphical prowess. And the cartridges are not backwards forwards compatible or whatever. They don't work on the regular DS.
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