I see the 3DS as a psp+3DS

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User Info: moogle69

7 years ago#21
TC does not make sense, pointless topic.

User Info: Keybored123

7 years ago#22
umm no I play my psp more than my DS it has some good online features good graphics plays music downoads from the internet through psn store connects to my tv and persona 3 GoW MGS:PW dissidia etc. are all good games it just has less titles

the DS has more titles a clamshell design touch screen and sold more systems/was more popular

the 3ds will do almost all of this so why is it such a stretch that the 3ds is a little bit of both I am not a fanboy I dont care what company makes the product if it was a good product luckily I dont have to deal with gamefaqs idiots when Im not on this site
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User Info: Stepmaniarunner

7 years ago#23
If you change the title to this being DS+PSP+3D.

Things that we know or can be assumed about the 3DS that PSP has:

*We can expect higher quality games. The DS's 3rd party games were getting really bad, even worse than the Wii.
*Slide pad
*Widescreen top screen
*Better internet access?

User Info: Nickclone2

7 years ago#24
Is it really that hard to understand? God, I hate summer time. When you kids are out of school it really shows on the message boards.
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User Info: Jorgezx

7 years ago#25
Uh? How could the 3DS = psp+3DS? That is just not possible, unless you meant psp+DS, then again, there is nothing PSP-ish in the 3DS

User Info: horror_spooky

7 years ago#26
Your logic is this:

3DS (PSP + 3DS) + PSP
Now that I actually clicked on this topic I've decided horror is my new favorite person ever. - kliqIMB

User Info: xnamkcor

7 years ago#27

That's even worse. I can't even solve it.
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  3. I see the 3DS as a psp+3DS

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