I bet there's going to be a ton of PSP to 3DS ports down the line

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User Info: Megaman Omega

Megaman Omega
7 years ago#31

From: Jmart06 | #030
but how can this be the psp haz no games....

Can you fanboys please stop annoying everyone with your stupid console wars?
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User Info: Link3

7 years ago#32
The same people jonesing for ports are probably the same type that complain about stuff like the controls in Phantom Hourglass: they don't want new and innovative experiences built around the systems features, they just want more of the same old crap from the last 10 years with the console specific features tacked on at the last phase of development. They strike me as very unseasoned in their tastes, most likely pre to early teens.

I'm going to have to disagree here.

New and innovative does not automatically mean fun. And old doesn't mean crap. The people you just described definitely sound like they'd be older, not younger. What you're saying reminds me more of the younger crowd. The, "This game is old, so I'll just say it's crap without even playing it" type, or the "2D games shouldn't be made anymore. Since we can do 3D there's no point anymore. It's old technology, no one cares about it" type.

Most people I've talked to that didn't like the controls in PH, or the Wii version of TP? People in their early to mid 20's who just want to play good games without being forced to use some gimmicky control scheme that could just as easily be done with the buttons (For the most part). If there had been an option in PH to play using the face buttons and use the touch screen only when necessary, such as controlling the path of the boomerang and such, I'm sure a lot more people would have loved it.

And I'm sure some of the people jonesing for ports are the same people who would like to see more quality games on a platform, games they may have been able to play because they can't go out and buy each and every game and game system they want because they have to use their money to support themselves and others, or simply don't make enough.

And, of course, people that would like to have their favorite games on a portable system so they can play on the go. Plenty of people have bought games they already own on the virtual console. It's just more convenient than having to pull out your old systems and hook them up each time you want to play one of the games. Besides, it's not like wanting ports is going to make developers drop whatever new projects they're working on for a bunch of ports. People have been wanting a new 2D Metroid game since Zero Mission came out, but it still hasn't happened yet. A very large number of people just about begged for Mother 3 to be released outside of Japan, but that still has yet to happen.

And, to put it very simply like other people have in previous topics, if you don't want the ports, don't buy them.

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