Do you think there shude be a new banjo-kazooie for the 3ds?

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  3. Do you think there shude be a new banjo-kazooie for the 3ds?


7 years ago#1
What do you guys think, Shude there be a new banjo-kazooie game for the 3ds?, Kinda would like to see that.

User Info: FlipManV3

7 years ago#2
There "shudent" be.
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User Info: smackdownv

7 years ago#3
Microsoft owns rare.
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User Info: abigexplosion

7 years ago#4
Port the first 2 to the 3ds THEN think about a new one.

And unfortunately, that probably wont happen because of that pesky "Rare is owned by Microsoft," thing.
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User Info: grans

7 years ago#5
Rare has proven that they can't make a decent Banjo game anymore, and they're owned by Microsoft now anyways so it's impossible. Porting the originals would be a nice thing if Rare would let them on Nintendo systems, but even that could turn out botched. Look what they did to the DKC trilogy on GBA and Diddy Kong Racing on DS- ruined them.
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User Info: BdowDELL222

7 years ago#6
Rare HAS made a DS game ya know...

User Info: Japillow

7 years ago#7
What exactly is wrong with the GBA DKC games? I've only played the first one but I loved it.

User Info: kaloo

7 years ago#8
Rare has made games for Nintendo Handhelds since being bought by Microsoft you know. It's not like Microsoft has an X-Box Portable out so it doesn't really hurt them.

User Info: SpackDaDevilMan

7 years ago#9
idk ppl just don't like the washed up graphics, but i enjoyed them...but the graphics made me wanna knock my screen out for dkc, they ruined the roller coaster circus background. and dkc3 had its original soundtrack removed with....something else

and for banjo kazooie, i dont think it will happen. rare created the series...they already ported the 2 n64 games to xbox (and heard they suck).

User Info: grans

7 years ago#10

From: Japillow | #007
What exactly is wrong with the GBA DKC games? I've only played the first one but I loved it.

A lot was wrong with them compared to the originals:

- washed out colors thanks to overbrightening (cited due to the original gba's lack of backlighting, although it's still too bright on that system)
- removed sprite animation and level ambient effects (DK is missing a lot of animation frames and many of the level's lighting effects are completely gone now, like the storm in Ropey Rampage)
- music sounds much worse due to bad choice of instruments. I don't blame the GBA hardware, but the choice of synthetic insturments they chose for each sound sample
- they replaced the sound effects with stupid samples that would better fit a cartoon instead of an ambient game like this
- the physics are overtight here, everything feels far too stiff. The game feels much easier due to this, hit detection is overly responsive for enemies and your hit detection is way too forgiving

I feel the overall experience was ruined. The smooth gameplay was overtightened, the graphics were washed out and cut back for no good reason, and the sound lost most of the ambient charm of the originals. If you've played the originals thoroughly, you'd know what was wrong. On their own, they're still good games, but they suck in comparison. I'm not even going into detail about what they cut, this is just something anyone can see or hear without explanation. There are a lot more bad things to nitpick as well, which i won't mention here for the sake of sounding....well....nitpicky.
NEVER judge a game you have not played.
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