3DS games you are definitely buying

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User Info: PhaseBlack

7 years ago#1
List 3DS games you're definitely going to get

1) Kingdom Hearts 3D - It's Kingdom Hearts, enuff said. One of my top favorite series

2) Sonic 3DS - Say what you want about recent console Sonic games, but the DS Sonic games were pretty great. I can't wait to see what they'll do on the 3DS with Sonic

3) Kid Icarus - Probably will be my first 3DS game and it looks pretty awesome from what was shown at E3

4) The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D - Always wanted to play a Zelda game, and I'll wait for this one to come out to be the first one I play.

5) Paper Mario - Looks pretty good, but haven't played a Paper Mario game before. So I'll try out the series with this game.
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User Info: nostalgiaboy

7 years ago#2
Paper mario
Animal crossing

User Info: SMT_Masochist

7 years ago#3
just the atlus rpgs and probably Mario Kart.
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User Info: koopatroopa1015

7 years ago#4
Mario Kart, Paper Mario, and Kid Icarus Uprising
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User Info: nintend0Fan46

7 years ago#5
I agree with everything you said TC except for #2.

I can't stand Sonic anymore.

User Info: MizuhoChama

7 years ago#6
I'd need you to name every game that's coming out for the 3DS or list the launch titles. Because the lists I've seen have differing games.
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User Info: RetroReset

7 years ago#7
My only definites so far are Paper Mario and the Atlus games if they are new games.

I will get others, those are just the I know I definitely will be getting.

User Info: ohh42

7 years ago#8
Legend of Zelda
Paper Mario
Metal Gear Solid
Super Street Fighter IV
Kid Icarus
Resident Evil
Star Fox 64

Man I need some money XD
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User Info: FeiBenares

7 years ago#9
Kingdom Hearts
Kid Icarus
Resident Evil
Super Street Fighter IV
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User Info: Zerobahn

7 years ago#10
Mario Kart
Kid Icarus
Kingdom Hearts
Atlus RPGs
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