Nintendo 3DS Hardware & Software FAQ [v2.0]

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    I've included more info and updates to my previous FAQ.

    2nd Post
    - Nintendo 3DS Price and release date.
    - Nintendo 3DS software/games pricing.
    - What will be included with the 3DS packaging?
    - What software comes with the 3DS out of the box?
    - What are the specifications [specs] for the Nintendo 3DS?
    - Will the Nintendo 3DS be backwards compatible with the original DS/DSi software?

    3rd Post
    -What is "StreetPass" and "SpotPass"?
    -What features will be included with the 3DS hardware?
    -Are there any other things the 3DS features outside of gaming?

    4th Post
    - What colors have been announced or shown?
    - What titles will be available at launch?
    - What games have been announced so far?
    - How long many hours will the Battery operate?
    - Are there any in-depth specs on the 3DS GPU (PICA200)?
    - Can I see what the Nintendo 3DS GPU is capable of?

    5th Post
    -What other software can the 3DS support?
    -Sources and More Info