Senran Kagura Official Petition?

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User Info: HaterWannaBeMe

6 years ago#1

Sign it, you know you want to.
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User Info: LazyBro

6 years ago#2
Yeah I know I want to but chances are slim to none.

User Info: CorruptedRPG

6 years ago#3
You can't be serious.
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User Info: E-25

6 years ago#4
It looks cute and quirky, but until I hear more about how well it plays I can't really say I'd want it localized. Somewhat like the Wii RPGs that NoA isn't bringing over (shouting every other strike with some lame phrase, DC quality graphics, pretty much a hack n slash at heart, off key concept/only Japan would get why something is the way it is, etc.)

User Info: gsdarkdawn

6 years ago#5
petitions: port Runescape to 3DS
have all 3DS games save to SD

User Info: HaterWannaBeMe

6 years ago#6
Bump, cause more signing is awesome.
Senran Kagura to US & Europe Petition:
Sign it :DDD

User Info: wave1000

6 years ago#7
I live in japan so I can just pick this up but I will sign for others that want this. I'm sure the game will be bad but maybe something worth collecting if it gets pulled or censored after release.
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User Info: lambchips

6 years ago#8
it will be sold in australia, then soon after it will be pulled off the shelves lol
either way *sign*

you might want bring it to xseed, nis or akysys attention and ask if they are interested
^imo the only way this game will reach the west is if one of these guys localize it... well we can get bamco but bamco does terrible translation jobs
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User Info: PhantomSword

6 years ago#9
Why? Seriously - I don't understand why people keep trying to say "oh, let's get Senran Kagura"

We don't know how the battle system works, and barely even how it plays. All we really know is that there's a lot of bouncing breasts and clothes tear up. That's freaking pathetic, guys.
My favorite part of the day is when she dance in the mirror.

User Info: wave1000

6 years ago#10
I guess people see breast and 3D and think they have to see this but really alot of porn uses 3D now so I guess its for the wtf factor.
3DS FC 004427725163
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