Do you want to play GB games in Black & White or in Color in 3DS?

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User Info: BdowDELL222

6 years ago#31
bronx718 posted...
Nin3DSFan posted...
Or you could learn to accept that the virtual console will contain games from a console the way the original console played them. That means greyscale Game Boy games in greyscale, for example.

....SEGA added online to the Arcade version of Puyo Puyo for the Wii VC. That was a feature added to a game some 20 odd years later. changes can be made....and widely accepted given it doesnt affect the substance at hand.

so dont defend the lack of options in order "to retain originality". its possible to have both. white knights i tell you.....

They didnt add anything to the Puyo Puyo Wii VC game. It was an import of the japanese Genesis version...

And you act like everybody is "defending" Nintendo when they say the VC is meant for originals (which it is) and not upgraded versions (which it isnt). Sure it would be nice if we got more options, but are we gonna sit here and complain about it every week and condone Nintendo for bad business tactics? No, because you know what? People like you are just a tiny tiny and I mean tiny minority that follows the VC religouosly. You act like you know their business strategy when you really know jack squat.

And let me get this through to you... I am not wholeheartedly "supporting" the trickle of games we get, but I am not complaining about it either because there are plenty of other games and/or systems I could play if I dont feel the need to play my 3DS. Just like any other true gamer.

And dont say "They could do better" or something along those lines because guess what?? They pretty much cant!!! Theyre already making millions and profiting off of everything. Nothing is going to change that. Do you think that because there is 0.001% of their consumers complaining they are gonna just all of a sudden cater to you? Heck no.

My advice is that you should get your blinders off and start looking at things with an open mind. Its obvious the VC isnt on the top of Nintendo's "To Do List"
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