The resin used to make the 3DS is DAMN TOUGH

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User Info: Simon_Isturiz

6 years ago#1
I just dropped my 3DS onto some tile floor. Granted, it was only about a foot and a half fall, but it was still onto tile. I didn't expect any major cracks or dents, but I did expect to see some minor cosmetic damage like scrapes, deformation in one of the corners, or fine scratches.

But lo and behold, not a single scratch. It looks as flawless and as perfect as when I had first gotten it. I checked vigorously under light to find any fine scratch to no avail. Its flawless.

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User Info: The_Bean

6 years ago#2
I dropped mine on the street pretty hard and you would never know

User Info: Arrog

6 years ago#3
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User Info: panama_chief

6 years ago#4
what i find stronger is whatever locking mechanism they have to keep the cartridge in. My DSi let games fly like the cow jumping the moon when it dropped. 3DS not only keeps the game in but keeps the pins contacted.
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User Info: shinjix2

6 years ago#5
I guess I wasn't so lucky, I dropped mine from about 2ft on concrete and it hit the corner. It looks pretty chewed up. It was also a day before my aluminum armor came in. I was so peeved!!
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User Info: king_reggie_28

6 years ago#6
I dropped mine (by accident) off a second story banister, and you can see one tiny scratch on the cover. That's it!
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User Info: OverlordAlik

6 years ago#7
Nintendo builds em like a tank, meanwhile my playstations crap out one a year.... :(
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User Info: BraveAdol

6 years ago#8
I second the pins thing. I've had to redo many a part in many a game because just by being in my pocket, the DS cart got ejected from the system
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User Info: thedicemaster

6 years ago#9
yet strangely my 3ds which I am very careful with has never been dropped, and there a little bit chipped off the transparent part.

User Info: Chaze_the_chat

6 years ago#10
I walked into a milk tank and you can see a huge crack on it.
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  3. The resin used to make the 3DS is DAMN TOUGH

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