Your 3DS wishlist of games which don't exist.

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User Info: RySenkari

6 years ago#41
Final Fantasy V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, X-2, and XII
Chrono Cross remake
Seiken Densetsu Trilogy
Soul Blazer Collection (SoulBlazer, Illusion of Gaia, and Terranigma)
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Harmony
Mother Trilogy
Super Metroid 3-D
Metroid Prime 3-D
Resident Evil 4 3-D
Tales of Symphonia 3-D
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User Info: IcedEarthaholic

6 years ago#42
I'd love to see a Valkyria Chronicles 2 and 3 revamp for this system, it'd be perfect for it if you ask me. Plus, it might give us a chance to experience Valkyria Chronicles 3, it pisses me off that Sega seems to not be too keen on releasing the PSP version in English.
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User Info: andodel

6 years ago#43
I'd love to see a Valve game on the 3DS, I'd easily pay $60 for Orange box 3DS.
A bunch of others were already mentioned, but one I have to mention is the mother series of games.
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User Info: SMASHKING84

6 years ago#44
Magma Ruby and Aqua Sapphire(im pretty sure these will there offical titles)
Final Fantasy I,2,5,6,and 12 remakes(only want 1&2 if like dos there on the same cart).
The world ends with you again?(lol my best guess of the title)
Advance Wars Fire Emblem(please no ports unless is it's 7-10)
Legend of Zelda WW,Tp,MM,and Alttp remakes(though would settle for ports for all of these except mm and tp i love to see tp get it's on mq so ppl can finally stop b****ing about the easyness of the game and mm doesn't need a mq but some new content would be nice)

Pokemon Rainbow (yeah this will never happen as rainbow would be the last pokemon game unless the made a rainbow 2 etc) New super mario brothers 3(or 3d) Super Princess Peach 2(thanks smash bro other wise i would forgot this game lol) My world my way 2 Wario ware Diy 2(please let us use the camera to make games it be alot easier then making sprites) Breath of Fire VI Fantasy Tatics advance 3 and a sequel to mystic quest and a proper sequel to ffcc on gcn

Zelda fsa II A real 3d zelda on a handheld that's not a port a 2d top down zelda
Sonic Chronicles 2(yeah i wish :sad: ) Banjo kazzoie,tooie&dk 64 port as well as new games to each and more game i won't mention i want as ppl will flame me for it
I could think of billions more but im done this post is already too long.
Twilight Princess is the best zelda people who agree:31

User Info: ConSeaQuence

6 years ago#45
I want a Metroid game where one of the planets you discover is very earth-like and holds a land called Hyrule...

I want an online Fallout game (which has been done and is awesome and hard at the same time)

I want a Pikmin game where your crew eats giant pills and becomes monstrously huge

I want a Zelda where you leave Hyrule completely and venture into whatever land Ganondorf is most powerful (cel shaded would be cool too)

I want a Grand Theft Auto where the same old stuff happens but it's fun and funny as always

I want a Final Fantasy that doesn't suck

I want an amazing Adventure Time based game! SHMOWZOW!

I do NOT want a game based on "rhythm". Eff that.
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User Info: MajinKogahazan

6 years ago#46
MarikElric posted...
-Scott Pilgrim 3DS
-The Simpsons Arcade Game 3DS
-TMNT Arcade Game: 3DS

Now there is some high quality gaming! Come on Ubisoft and Konami, make it happen!

User Info: CrazeePeter

6 years ago#47
PSO and Rogue Galaxy
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User Info: Daiohma

6 years ago#48
F-Zero 3D
Skies of Arcadia 3D
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