i cant believe nintendo wants $6 for ExBike

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User Info: gsninja

6 years ago#151
And Left 4 Dead 2 for that much? You must be talking about some add-on, because I've NEVER seen it cost that much for the whole game.

Steam Summer Sale had it for around $5 when I checked a couple days back, the entire game. They have some insanely good prices right now.
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User Info: BraveAdol

6 years ago#152
Also, used copies of Radiant Silvergun START at $150 on eBay. I'm guessing that's how much Treasure should charge for the XBLA remake
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User Info: darkqueenhelba

6 years ago#153
I STILL can't believe it's not butter!
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User Info: metroid00700

6 years ago#154
BraveAdol posted...
metroid00700 posted...
meiyuki posted...
This. If you all would actually look at the prices of an Excitebike NES cart, the cheapest you can snag it for would be $5. It is also on the Wii VC for $5. $1 for 3D, ability to save 32 tracks, and just an overall buff in presentation/widescreen makes $6 not a bad price at all for Excitebike. Its one of my favorite NES games, and I'll buy Balloon Fight 3D day one when it hits. How many of you bashing Excitebike have actually beat it, tried to beat your times, and made your own tracks? None of you? Then shut up.

Using nintendo to set nintendo's prices and say because nintendo charges x for something thus nintendo charging y for something is fair is a circular argument. If a game of the caliber of excitebike were released as dsiware it's unlikely it'd be more than $2, and on a phone I think they'd have a hard time charging $1 for it. And basing on the NES cart isn't much better because it's been out of print for 25 years.

A lot of people are starting to feel nintendo is really overcharging for their products, and charging this much for such a simple and short game is not helping the image.

The cart runs for $5 at its cheapest. Excitebike is a classic and I'm sorry if some do not see it that way. Its in my top 10 favorite NES games, Balloon Fight is there as well. $6 for it to be redone in 3D and with extra features is fine. It has far better appeal than an iPhone knockoff version of it, which probably does not even exist.

Suikoden 2 runs for like $150 on eBay. Would it be fair to say that if a similar 3D overhaul were to happen, the game would be worth more than that?

Of course not, as I believe (?) its up for download somewhere around the $10 mark. Pricing DLC is funny, as generally the most expensive games get a $10 price tag while cheaper games keep their price in the actual wild. Point is, downloading games saves you money, no matter how you slice it. Look at Zelda DX, $6 for a $25 game. Or, going off of eshop, $6 for L4D2 (on sale) with all DLC while its 360 counterpart disc sells for $20 with no DLC. DLC in my book always presents great prices. I can't recall any downloadable emulated game being overpriced, all are priced well.
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User Info: ChikaraX

6 years ago#155
*Humpf* My message was deleted because of flaming??! Probably because I made a sarcastic joke or 2 about Rich and Capitalists? I'll try again without all the fun and hilariousness, boooooring.

Yes some games have a collectors value and yes these MIGHT sell for a lot of money.. But in those cases you are holding something physical.. That's the collectors value.. Holding the original cartridge.

Example, I have a a couple of signed comic-books drawn by Jim Lee.. Now I scan these images and 'sell' those online.. The scans don't have the collectors value, the book does.

The ExBike cartridge might be sold to collectors for a nice price.. But that doesn't mean the software is worth it.

On the eStore you are buying ExBike now for 6€$ (Again, Software, no collectors value) The gameplay itself is far from anything special (Especially when you compare it to games they could have made 3D in it's place like Mario, Zelda, Megaman etc).. It has minimal replay value especially with today standards (Again, considering they could have began with some other titles)

Of course people that know dollar value (or any other currency) will complain and THEY ARE RIGHT.. I'll make the gameplay/content comparison again.. ExBike 6$€ vs uhm.. Destruction Derby 5$€.. Links Awakening 8$€ vs Final Fantasy 5, 7, 8 or 9 for 10$€.

~ If you compare Links awakening with ExBike you'll at least get more gameplay from Link.

You get what you pay for.. But not when it comes to Nintendo's online purchases.. Everything feels at least 2$€ overpriced.

Obviously you could just charge everything to 'your' credit card (If you have one), you'll still have to pay for it eventually with interest.. Do these purchases often enough and you will get into trouble, either with Mom, Dad, Caretaker or.. worse.. Your bank *points at random economic news report* If you are rich enough those 6$ are peanuts.. But for most people, with 'round the clock multiple jobs, every cent counts (While some also still have classes to go to)

With those kind of jobs to pay the bills you can't throw money around on a game you might TRY 3 times (Considering these games don't have a money back refund)

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User Info: the_cajun88

6 years ago#156
I got Excitebike for free and I wish I could give it to someone who didn't get it on time, deleting it from my system in the process.

That game ****ing sucks, and the 3D doesn't help.
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User Info: Boomer_Kuwanga

6 years ago#157
usagent76 posted...
It hurts to see people talking about Excitebike like this! I remember when I was a kid, and we had 2 games on the NES, and Excitebike was one of them. I'd create a track and my friend would race it, and vice versa. We'd spend entire weekends doing this! Man, the memories!

It does seem really simple by today's standards though.

I can't agree more. It saddens me to hear the hate for a game that ate literally hundreds of hours of my time as a kid. I played it just the way you describe. Create a track, have someone run it a few times, and vice versa. It's not like the complainers have any leg to stand on, either. "I wouldn't play this game anyway, but HOW DARE THEY CHARGE A PRICE THAT ALLOWS THEM TO PAY THEIR DEVS PROPERLY. HERP DERP, THIS SHOULD BE WHATEVER ARBITRARY PRICE I DICTATE IT SHOULD BE"

If you don't want the awesomeness of excitebike with 3D for 6 bucks, don't buy it. Period.
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User Info: GM_

6 years ago#158
What's with the new fad of hating Excitebike? It's one of the best NES games of all time with simplistic and addictive gameplay and to be honest it was one of the first time attack games I can even think of.

User Info: Lord_Frood

6 years ago#159
I'm pretty sure the thing I'm beating was at one point in time a horse, but if you don't like it, don't buy it.
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User Info: TheGoddamn

6 years ago#160
GM_ posted...
What's with the new fad of hating Excitebike? It's one of the best NES games of all time with simplistic and addictive gameplay and to be honest it was one of the first time attack games I can even think of.

It's, unfortunately, riding on the "it's hip to hate on Nintendo" trend you can feel from many parts of the (gaming) internet these days. Which stems, I suppose, from the entitlement that many consumers of video games have.

Never mind that making 3D Classics is practically tantamount to creating a new game from scratch. People think it's as simple as putting a game on the VC (which isn't a simple process as it would seem, either).

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