:( Only 10 Club Nintendo Points to Go

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User Info: Cave_Lion

6 years ago#11
Not going to spend my 8000+ points until something useful goes on there. Now thjat wii is dead Wii points are usless. When will nintendo put eshop points on there.

User Info: toma13

6 years ago#12
Angrymonkeee posted...
Step 1. Walk into your local Gamestop on a busy day.
Step 2. Look at the Nintendo published Wii and DS games (USED, don't be a jerk)
Step 3. Take all the Club Nintendo vouchers you can.
Step 4. Gain tons of points because the original owners didn't register them.

You're welcome.

Isn't that pretty much theft?
Username for pretty much everything: BngryBt

User Info: panama_chief

6 years ago#13
toma13 posted...
Isn't that pretty much theft?

some will say yes others say no. It's a moral thing for some.

Personally i see it this way: Nintendo is gifting the original purchaser with the opportunity to sign up and use the PINs to get coins. Once they sell the game, if the PIN isn't used, it's free game to whoever gets it. A Person buying a used game isn't "entitled" to the gift because it wasn't theirs to begin with.

I purchase my games new so I don't run into the problem, but I wont defend the guy who thinks he's getting ripped off when he bought the game used....
YOINK!!! [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[|||||||||||||||]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] STOLEN!!!!!!!!!!!
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  3. :( Only 10 Club Nintendo Points to Go

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