Headset with mic is not possible for 3DS?

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User Info: Kupin

6 years ago#1
I see that there is no input for microphone, like the one on DSL and DSI.

That means, there will be no accessories for output microphone? Usually, I used the headset with mic for my Nintendogs game, to call out my puppies name in clearer voice. If I used 3DS, the headset is useless.

That's kinda disappointing to not let me to use outer microphone. I rather speak to the separate mic than having the console near to my mouth to say/speak.

User Info: StarlightDrive

6 years ago#2
If you get a headset that plugs into a standard headphone jack, it should work.

User Info: Playsaver

6 years ago#3
Iphone headphones with mic will work and have the mic on the headset work as the mic on the 3ds. These headphone have 4 sections on the 3.5 plug instead of the 3 that headphones without mics have.
I know that the answer button on my cheap headset would pause and unpause the music player on the 3ds as well.
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  3. Headset with mic is not possible for 3DS?

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