Pokemon game?

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User Info: Anticitizen97

6 years ago#1
So I haven't been keeping up with the 3ds and im still unsure if I want to buy one. Now ill admit it, I love Pokemon. So do we have an official Pokemon game announced yet? They will obviously make one but depending on when its released will affect when and if I purchase a 3ds.
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User Info: tenchi1981

6 years ago#2
of corse there will be one
first one announced is super pokemon scramble (wiiwares pokemon rumble)
not a main game but its at least fun for a while
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User Info: AP3Brain

6 years ago#3
Isn't going to be released for awhile and you have to think about the strong possibility of a Grey version whichh probably is going to be for the DS. But I don't think there are any official announcements real Pokemon games.
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