How much do you use 3D?

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User Info: medmuscle

6 years ago#1
I will be getting a 3DS sometime next year when there are more games that interest me. What I like about the console, however, isn't the 3D. I just like the improved good ol' processing power and the addition of an analog stick for better gameplay (no need for any lukers to tell me to get a Vita as I will already be getting it on day one). Yes, you can have it all (both systems).

My question is what percentage of the time do some of you actually use the 3D? And is the 3D your favorite new feature of the system or is it something else like I mentioned? I may use 3D only during cutscenes (RPGs), boss fights, etc.
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User Info: GutterMonster

6 years ago#2
I only use the 3D during a cinematic, I have never used it during gameplay. I think it's a nice touch, but nothing revolutionary, people make a big deal about something you get used to and barely notice after a week.
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User Info: Kitt Thrust

Kitt Thrust
6 years ago#3
I use 3D for every game. I love the added depth and find it strange playing regular non-3D games now. The only game where I sometimes mess with the 3D slider is Ocarina of Time as the the 3D can get to be too much in tight spaces.

I love the 3D and it works but it's not the main thing that sold me on the 3DS.
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User Info: d0wner

6 years ago#4
More than 99%. I turned it off during a couple very difficult missions in Pilotwings. Otherwise it stays on.

Games look fantastic in either case, the system is worth owning even if you never use 3D, and some games benefit from having it off (better framerate).
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User Info: Robot_Satan

6 years ago#5
Depends on the game. For example, I don't really use it during RE: Mercs, but it looked spectacular in OoT.
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User Info: AduIt_LlNK

6 years ago#6
I never use 2D. I'll have the 3D set at 50% at minimum.

User Info: TheSPP

6 years ago#7
The only time I don't use 3D is for Street Fighter, since it runs faster with it off.
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User Info: TechniMyoko

6 years ago#8
100% its why I bought it

User Info: trenken

6 years ago#9
I dont use it during gameplay too much anymore. I get out of the sweet spot too often, start getting double images and ghosting, so I use it when I play with the cameras or some other things, but not during gameplay too much.

Plus the novelty of it has completely worn off for me. It doesnt add anything to the gameplay for me so basically all it does it force me to hold the 3DS still and destroys the battery.
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User Info: TheGoddamn

6 years ago#10
Personally, I don't like playing without it. I only turn it off when I'm tired (it requires a bit more effort to see, and tired eyes don't do so well; there's ghosting involved) or when I'm lying on my side or some awkward position like that.

I like the increased field of view and apparent depth perception. I have the Nyko battery as well, so I can use 3D more freely.

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