Nintendo Video for 3DS starts on July 13th.. So awesome

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User Info: Kitt Thrust

Kitt Thrust
6 years ago#1
Nintendo Video is a service that allows 3DS users to watch video content on their 3DS systems. This service - available starting from July 13th - includes cartoons, documentaries, among others. Nintendo Video is freely available as a download in the Nintendo eShop and provides access to new and exclusive videos in both 2D and 3D.

Nintendo Video is able to automatically download content via SpotPass. Videos will then be shown in the HOME menu of the console. Saved for a limited period of time, the video content can be watched as often as the user wants to. To ensure SpotPass access, Nintendo teamed up with various European HotSpot providers, but even local WLAN networks can be used.

Content includes:
- selected episodes of Oscar's Oasis (TeamTO & TUBA) - for the first time completely in 3D
- Magic Tricks (D4D)
- country-exclusive content [Germany: ZDF.Archive with 3D documentaries about the Great Wall of China or Taj Mahal; videos of the Fantastische 4 tour]

Coming soon:
- movie trailers
- classic concerts
- animations for children

EDIT - not completely confirmed yet.

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User Info: Nekoakuma

6 years ago#2
Is this the EU equivalent of itsunomani terebi for japan? (Spotpass TV)
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User Info: mew4ever

6 years ago#3
A step in the right direction. Let's see how it pans out
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User Info: trenken

6 years ago#4
The idea is cool, but Im not interested in any of that content they listed there. Probably just like the eshop Ill bet it will be starved for good content most of the time with the occasional thing worth owning. They come up with these cool ideas but dont support them very well.
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User Info: Cave_Lion

6 years ago#5
the Green latern movie trailer was quite badi thought. I don't know about you buti have no interest in watching in 3D for long periods.

User Info: SShredder565

6 years ago#6
Is this EU only?

User Info: Kool-Aid_Man

6 years ago#7
If it's on GAF it's most likely confirmed already.
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User Info: pnutut

6 years ago#8
That is the very same link I was just viewing, and came here to post if it wasn't already. It was, as I sort of expected. :)

I've been looking forward to this service. Good for Europe, I hope this means that it's coming to North America too, or very soon at the least.
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User Info: Kitt Thrust

Kitt Thrust
6 years ago#9

From: SShredder565 | #006
Is this EU only?

no. EU and NA

From: Kool-Aid_Man | #007
If it's on GAF it's most likely confirmed already.

true. but I added it's not confirmed because I don't want to get modded for " posting false information as fact ". This account just came off a suspension/warning.
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User Info: Terotrous

6 years ago#10
An interesting concept, but its usefulness will totally depend on what they put on there. - Watch me beat "NES DuckTales" - My backloggery
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