What is the 3D like for you?

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User Info: Tamarisk_green

6 years ago#1
I was curious about it, but when I went in our GameStop on a quiet day and asked the manager what he thought, he said he wasn't impressed and hadn't bought one himself. Another thing he noted was how he had heard some people (including a few employees) get headaches and/or nausea after playing some length of time in 3D.

I really enjoy those 3D posters and such, but that info made Mum paranoid and me a little unsure. What has your experience been like? What percentage of your play time do you bother having it displaying in 3D?
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User Info: IcedEarthaholic

6 years ago#2
Well, with Dead or Alive Dimensions, the 3-D has been excellent, haven't suffered any nausea or headaches here. You CAN turn the 3-D on or off if you so desire. Honestly, what it really does is offer more depth perception and scale in games. Either way, the 3DS is a nifty little handheld. I am enjoying mine so far, and intend to get some more games for it in the future. I spend a majority of the time playing Dead or Alive Dimensions in 3-D myself, like 90 - 95% of that playtime if that says anything.
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User Info: Mario_Bones

6 years ago#3
I haven't heard anyone genuinely have headaches/nausea from the 3D. I did once, but I had an awful cold and already had a headache.
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User Info: gamesguyhere

6 years ago#4
I'm impressed with the 3D, i really like the look of it in ghost recon as well as Zelda. With Zelda i get really immersed in the game were i don't realize its on a small screen. I remember getting a headache once but was already pretty ill at the time, but i can play it for hours on end with full 3D and not have a problem. I'm enjoying it more at the moment cause I'm visiting America so can get a lot more street-passes than I'm used to, I have full 3D on 99% of the time.

User Info: Flompchomp

6 years ago#5
The 3D is usually good and gives you that sense of depth. Sometimes certain things seem to appear popping out. Recently playing Master Quest, I remember the Fire Ruby looking like it popped out. When you first play the system, you might feel a little odd in the head. It goes away very fast as you get accustomed to it. I've heard stories of people trading the system in or not buying it because of these headaches, but like the previous poster said, you can just turn the 3D off.
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User Info: LuffypwnsNaruto

6 years ago#6
I don't really feel anything from the 3D effects. Then again, I'm used to handling physical or mental strain. It just depends on the person I guess...
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User Info: parabola_master

6 years ago#7
You get used to it
I played through most of OoT without the 3D, only using it in "small bursts"

But now I love it. It kinda sucks that you have to keep your viewing angle still, but the 3D really does immerse you in. And yea, I know how cliche that sounds, but it's soo true.

Then again, I only play in 3D when I'm on my bed alone, with no distractions and when I have the most focus
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User Info: ZBug_

6 years ago#8
I've NEVER had a problem with the 3D, as far as headaches and nausea go. And i like to use it all the way up. I usually lay on my bed with my proped up so i dont have to worry about holding the 3DS at the right angle.

P.S. Also, there are things that look like they stick out of the screen so its not all "sink in 3D" or whatever people were calling it at first. It's just that most games have you character im the center and everything else is either farther from the screen or closer. And sense most games so far are 3rd person view (like Zelda) its just easier to notice the things that are "Sunk in".
When you get in item in Zelda is a good example of the 3D popping out. (especially bottles i think)

P.P.S. My Post Script actually ended up longer then my script >_<
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User Info: SamusFarron

6 years ago#9
It looks nifty, and I always have it on (except for DoA - 30fps ftl).

That being said, it isn't nearly as magical or amazing as the commercials want you to think it is.

User Info: Muljo Stpho

Muljo Stpho
6 years ago#10
Most of the time, it just seems kind of subtle to me. I mean, it's there and you can tell the difference if you're really looking for it, but it's not like most movies that have had 3D where they always have to have those in your face moments to justify the 3D.

However, there have been times where I've turned the 3D down a bit because of something that didn't look right with it on the highest setting. I own 3 3DS games: Pilotwings, Rayman, and OoT. From what I've played of Pilotwings so far, I've always had to turn down the 3D to play it comfortably because pretty much everything about it just feels like too much on full 3D. From what I've played of Rayman, it's usually fine on full 3D but it ends up being too much whenever something gets too close to the camera. OoT has been great on full 3D from beginning to end, although either the game or the system did seem to glitch on the display for some reason in a few random rare moments. (For example, he very first heart container I got, it was displaying the two images at least a full inch apart instead of lining them up on top of each other like it usually does. That sucked to look at.)

I had the same trouble that I had with Rayman with a couple of the images in that set of photos that were online shortly after the system launched. You know, the non-nude sexy photos of the Japanese model (I think her first name was Julie? I don't remember what they said her last name was.) Most of the photos did look nice in full 3D, but I absolutely could not look at the bubble photo or the petals photo with any amount of 3D turned on. Those two pictures just hurt the eyes on every setting.
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