What is the 3D like for you?

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User Info: ItemBreak

6 years ago#21
I thought it was nice when I first tried it. I never use it though, since I'm assuming keeping it on uses up the battery quicker.

User Info: MicroOmegaMan

6 years ago#22
PilotWings, Super Monkey Ball, and Dream Trigger are always played in 3D. Shadow Wars only if I'm not worried about the battery holding out.

No headaches, ever, yet.
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User Info: Commander_Greil

6 years ago#23
No headaches or anything from it. Of course, my eyes did have to get used to it. I totally understand if people complain headaches and the like. Depends on the amount your mental and visuals can strain I guess.

I always play in 3D. It's the reason I bought it. Why would I turn it off? Doesn't make a little sense to me as why the 3D is optional. Why make a system that it's number one feature is optional? Also, why do some games not even use the 3D feature whatsoever, like Devil Survivor. Apparently it has little to no 3D effects whatsoever.

Nintendo have let me down so far with the 3DS(No messaging between friends, like really what is the point if you can't interact with them, lack of games and overall poor though process went into it I believe. It's like 3D tv's and movies are a fad let's make a system that takes advantage of that fad but for a laugh we won't make the game company's require to use the 3D function. Then the Remastered 3D classics, you tell us there will be plenty but a recent article on IGN states that they are coming to an end with only 6. Too much work required eh? Lol. Nintendo, you sir, are silly.

Now, I do indeed love my 3DS but it could have been way better if they took the time and got a solid game line-up and better friend system. My hopes for Tales of the Abyss, a remake of Majora's Mask and a future Pokemon and possibly GBA games released to the VC will keep me under control for a while.
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User Info: Sp8cemanSpiff

6 years ago#24
Impressive at first, even though it is generally a lot more subtle than on my PC (where enough image separation can really turn your monitor into a window into another world.) Unfortunately it's just way too uncomfortable to use for me.
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