It's odd not looking at 3D screens now

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User Info: GM_

6 years ago#1
When I look a devices like my iPhone it's like my eyes are struggling to see depth or something on the screen. Sort of like an artifacting effect (minor of course). Does anyone else experience this? It's especially noticeable when I play my 3DS for long periods of time and then stop and fiddle with my phone. Lol

User Info: Nekoakuma

6 years ago#2
nope. I sometimes play extended hours in 3d (5+) and have never experienced this.
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User Info: enjoines

6 years ago#3
I know what you are talking about it, happened to me the first couple of weeks of having the 3ds, my eyes wanted every screen in 3d.
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User Info: Pest2020

6 years ago#4
Yep, had this happen after having a gaming marathon consisting of Killzone 3's whole campaign in 3D, then socom 4's campaign in 3d, then some OOT 3d to wrap it up. Pulled out my android phone to see the time and i could have sworn my background had depth to it, it was the moving matrix text.

User Info: toma13

6 years ago#5
Yeah, if I play MHFU on my PSP it feels incredibly flat compared to OoT.
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