DoA Dimensions or RE: Mercs?

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User Info: DemonSeal-Curse

6 years ago#1
Just finishing Ocarina and looking to get something new. I just moved a month ago so were finally getting internet again this week. So my question is if the SP content in Mercs will hold me over until i can get online, or should i go with DoA?
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User Info: Sp8cemanSpiff

6 years ago#2
DoA. Don't support a shameless cash grab like Mercs 3d.
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User Info: AceAndJunpei

6 years ago#3
DoA hands down.

User Info: Snackasaurus

6 years ago#4
I wish all shameless cash grabs could be as fun as Mercs 3D.

It's a really tough call. They're both awesome. I know that doesn't help much, but IMO, there is no wrong choice.

I will say this though, alot of the DLC costumes for Dead or Alive are no longer available so that would be a slight bummer.:/

User Info: Kitt Thrust

Kitt Thrust
6 years ago#5
Mercs is great fun solo or online. It's highly addictive chasing high scores, medals and unlockable skills. As much as I love DoA, I recommend Mercs.

Try to get it less than $40 though. Gamestop is offering an extra $10 credit if you trade 3 games ( they must be worth more than $2 ).. so find some crappy stuff you no longer play and trade towards Mercs.
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User Info: Cthulhuforpres

6 years ago#6
DOA, no contest. Don't support Capcom's cynical money grab.
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User Info: r_m_8_8

6 years ago#7
I'd go with DOA and wait for Revelations.
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User Info: NoPointMade

6 years ago#8
More mileage out of DOA.

User Info: BlackPhoenix127

6 years ago#9
DOA, way more content.
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User Info: LuffypwnsNaruto

6 years ago#10
Both are as fun as hell. I'd go with DOA though because Crapcom is still Crapcom no matter how you slice it.
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