They should have a biggest game failure awards thing.

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6 years ago#11
Metal Gear Solid 3DS is such a failure, it has 0 sales, that's really bad, guys
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User Info: SamusFarron

6 years ago#12
If MGS4 didn't prove Kojima was full of himself....

I don't know what possibly could.

User Info: Yuwai

6 years ago#13
MGS1 wins with Nostalgia
MGS2 wins with its feel and complex storyline
MGS3 wins with its awesome features and survival theme (camouflage and hunting for food)
MGS4 wins with its coll gameplay and stunts (all those moves you can make)

It only comes down to what you prefer.

I think MGS3 had an awesome story, with awesome characters, awesome gameplay, awesome music, and awesome features. Honestly, who cares about graphics?
MGS1 has disgusting graphics compared to nowadays standards and its still an incredibly awesome game. Graphics aren't worth anything in my book.

I don't care if MGS3DS has poor rendered textures or not. It's going to be OSSUM.

User Info: Cave_Lion

6 years ago#14
It should win for "most pointless remake" though.

Seriously. And yeah the graphics do look crap. Thank god there's the HD re-releases.

yep lets all judge a game thats not even out yet as a failure

The game is already out, and has been out on the Ps2 for at least 6 years.

User Info: darkqueenhelba

6 years ago#15
Regardless if it's "crap" or not people are going to enjoy. I've only ever played the first MG, but I've been thinking lately of trying the series out.
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User Info: chucklehofft

6 years ago#16
(Inb4 this topic gets over 200 comments)
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User Info: vidalmoraza

6 years ago#17
nonexistinghero posted...
MGS3DS would deserve the top spot in the first one.

- Here we have MGS3 for the PS2. Has great graphics for PS2.
- Kojima slaps together an MGS3DS tech demo in a matter of weeks and the graphics look much better.
- About a year later, the game looks worse than the PS2 version and runs like crap., the team making it must fail so damn much to accomplish something that's nearly impossible to accomplish.

That is easy, the tech demo of MGS was made 100% for the 3DS, the MGS3 game is a port, they are not the same....

Remember when Kojima said that it was a tech demo, they have no plans to bring the game to the 3DS? The weeks later they announce the game, one team did the MGS tech demo, and other team did the port, I guess a MGS made 100% for the console is gonna look like the tech demo or better....
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User Info: Iwata_Miyamoto

6 years ago#18
blablablax17 posted...
bronx718 posted...
Why snake eater as a release? did it do so well or do people just like jungle theme? I skipped it. Bring back Snake in an industrial complex and I'm there...

IMO it was the best for me

There are several industrial complex scenes in this game. >_>
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