3D is = HD

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User Info: CodyoMac

6 years ago#61
When I first saw HD, I was BLOWN AWAY, and when I got an HD tv everything I played in HD was better.

When I first saw 3d I was like '.... is this it? and Ive seen and played a great many 3d movies and games and have yet to see anything that has impressed me

Doubt many consumers would disagree with my assessment.

In my opinion, 3d will never come close to being a standard, though of course it wouldnt bother me if it did because who cares. We'd have both. that's always better.
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User Info: AP3Brain

6 years ago#62
ugoo18 posted...

What's with this idea that 3D won't become standard just because a small percentage of the population can't handle it. That's like saying HD wouldn't become standard because a small percentage of the population is blind.

That makes no sense at all. For one it isn't a small percentage. It is probably MOST people aren't IMPRESSED or at least don't think it is even close to worth the cost. And bringing in blind people? You are seriously grabbing at straws....

And to clarify again.... I am not saying 3D won't have a market in the future. It definitely will and will have it's own 3D channels and blah blah blah. It just won't be at the scale of HD. HD will eventually become the full standard. 3D will not. They aren't going to have every single channel in 3D. They aren't going to have every single movie in 3D. And they are definitely not going to have every single game in 3D.

Also... Sorry for the "nitch" thing lol. I knew it was spelled "niche" but it was late and that spelling still doesn't make sense to me.

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