Club Nintendo rewards/platinum prizes you'd almost sell your soul for

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User Info: Demon_Hunter94

6 years ago#21
Yeah missed the u in that one. Stupid Nintendo for having such a bad sequel name.
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User Info: Wiiplayer111

6 years ago#22
Yuwai posted...
My wishlist:

- Donkey Kong's tie
It has to be wearable with a suit

- A well-made Majora's Mask I can actually wear

- Hylian Shield, I always loved shields
Better be a full functional shield

- Blue or Green Koopa/Turtle Shell
They better be wearable like a Master Roshi shell.

- 3DS case that can hold the device, at least 20 games, and the AR cards
I would rather something related to a character.
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User Info: NickyTheNewt

6 years ago#23

From: nathninteyone | #019
An Ocarina of time replica would be even better though, yes i know you can buy them but an official nintendo one would make me happy as larry.

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User Info: xAzNFoRcEx

6 years ago#24
Personally, I would want the Shells to be a Mouse or something usable at least . . . (And I don't mean throwing them at people . . . )

User Info: DryRain649

6 years ago#25
Link's hat would be neat

User Info: LordAndrew

6 years ago#26
Mario's mustache
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User Info: Korlithiel

6 years ago#27
I've got to go with an official, playable replica of the Ocarina of Time. Lots of stuff up here would be neat though.
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User Info: flamingalien

6 years ago#28
A life size replica of Princess Ruto...
Bustin' makes me feel good.

User Info: panama_chief

6 years ago#29
your soul is shouldnt sell it for anything less than this:

Wearable Items:

-DK's Tie(Mentioned above)
-Mario/Luigi/Wario/Waluigi mustache, hats, sideburns and noses
-Peaches Umbrella
-Any of the hats from Find Mii
-Minish Cap Link hat
-Any masks from Zelda series
-Toads hat(multiple Colors) or Toadsworth's hat and Cane(mustache too)
-Shy Guy Mask
-Hammer Bros hat(hammer plushie)

you get the idea....more than the main series of characters. this is Nintendo....there's a huge library to pick from.


- A larger, more impressive Pin set with character emblems from games like Mario Party, Mario Super Slugger/Strikers, other 1st/2nd party titles.
- The ability to have a copy of your favorite Mii turned into a pose-able figurine.
- different collections of the statues from SSB series. with Smash base icon and a little detail card with each set(10 statues per set)
- wider selection of soundtracks(US doesnt even have any.....)
- full stage & character wall graphics(think fathead) of various nintendo characters.
- more playing cards with different types of characters
- Special Nintendo Coins embedded in a nice wood box. they can be removed for viewing. each the size of a quarter or half dollar with various emblems from different series. (3 coins per box, 5 different set)
- real pokemon badges ( in a box, not pins you put on.

i have a ton more ideas and could do this all day. im not even going into the Plushies ideas i have. seeing the wants makes me think ill of nintendo for not putting more care into their rewards program.
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