So eShop updates follow a regular schedule?

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User Info: DarkHeroRaven

6 years ago#1
Alright so I just got access to the eShop yesterday so I just want to quickly clear something up, eShop updates follow a regular schedule, right? If so, what's the schedule for EU updates?

User Info: niels200683

6 years ago#2
Kind of...
In europe, it's updated every thursday - around 6 PM as far as I've noticed (might be 5PM if you live in the UK).

However, last week we got the E3 3D trailers, which were put on the eshop on friday.

Today (wednesday) the e-shop updated with the nintendo-video service (bringing 3 free videos: 2 3D cartoons & 1 set of magic tricks - which will be replaced, hopefully by new content - on the 20th).

So DSiWare, 3DS downloads and VC content will arrive every thursday, while applications, trailers (downloadable or streamable) and information / screenshots of retail games can come at any time.
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