Rare are wasted at MS, bring them back to Nintendo.

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User Info: niels200683

6 years ago#41
According to an interview with Brendan Gunn, one of the last 'old employees' still at rare: Kameo started development on N64 but really quickly shifted to gamecube.
Grabbed by the ghoulies was originally meant for N64 as well

Dinosaur planet (Starfox adventures) started as a N64 game,
Perfect dark zero started as a gamecube game etc.

A difference is also, Nintendo checks on it's 1st & 2nd party developers - gives advice, makes casual remarks meant as hints etc.

Microsoft is very much hands-off when it comes to their 1st party developers. In more modern game -design, he indicates it is much more common to colaborate with other 1st party developers (like Lionhead studios)

Nuts & Bolts was actually an arcade racing prototype for the original Xbox, but was never fully developed - the ideas from that arcade racer were used in N&B
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6 years ago#42

Actually your kind of wrong, Crytek BOUGHT Free Radical, Free Radical never became Crytek, they were bought mainly cause they were going into bankruptcy cause of Haze for PS3.

Free Radical did become Crytek UK though.

On topic Rare cant even make good games anymore anyway cause half there staff left right after Perfect Dark came out.

MS let Rare make games for Nintendo handhelds, heres a link


On the flipside, Rare are working on a DS game. That must be an interesting turn of events for you guys – how do you approach a discussion where an internal team wants to make a game for a rival’s format?
Well specifically at Rare – and I think this is good to talk about – the studio has a history in making handheld games, and titles for Nintendo platforms. When we acquired the studio that expertise was there and the team was there. As Microsoft we had a discussion – do we want to build that expertise? We decided yes. Not so much because we need to support Nintendo – their platform will do fine without us – but because it is important for us to build that experience as a publisher and game developer and understand what it means to build lightweight, maybe shorter session experiences, and maintain that design innovation. It might play out in handheld today and it might play out on Xbox Live Arcade later on; there are a lot similarities between handheld games and Xbox Live Arcade games and you see some XBLA games have a history in that space.
So for us it was about looking at what state of the art game design might be in future and asking if we want to be part of that, regardless of what platform it’s on. We said yes, because we have the expertise in the studio today and it's an expertise that we want to nurture. One of the ways to do that was build DS games. Rare has also built Live Arcade games, and I think in future you will see them both those platforms and generally innovate in general.
Importantly, thought, we don’t publish on DS, only develop – the Rare handheld titles, and other IPs of ours that have gone into handheld, are published by other partners.
Is the DS route exclusive to Rare? Or would you let your other studios do that too?
Well, when our studios start to think about ‘non-traditional’ games, they really look at Live Arcade. That’s because of the environment and the excitement around that platform – so when people want to start experimenting they often go straight for Live. Creatively, there seems to be a lot of direction driving towards that.

That short session gaming you mentioned is something Nintendo has advocated with the success of the Wii as well. Do you think that’s quite important to the industry now? Are you learning from that via DS development?
That’s right. When you look at the new Xbox 360 Arcade pack, you realise that there is a sensibility that comes from those shorter, arcade experiences that’s different from the BioShocks and the Halos of the world – it’s not better or worse, it’s just different. These games ask players what they feel like doing right now and how much time they have to play. Viva Pinata Party Animals is designed to address that alongside the more long-play story-based games.

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User Info: paradoxworld

6 years ago#43
Psht. Microsoft paid for the Rare name and all of its characters and games.

The original Rare developers are free to work for Nintendo if they want. It isn't Microsoft keeping them away. They just can't work under the Rare name and they can't use any assets that Rare had.
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User Info: Adrian2040

6 years ago#44
Now that the Windows 7 Phones are on the market, I doubt that Microsoft will continue to let Rare develop games for the DS (Or the 3DS in that matter.) .
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