Wonder if the 3ds can get burn in ?

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User Info: crazybot

6 years ago#1
I know some say that when watching a non widescreen program on your tv, that the black bars to the left and right can cause uneven wear, or burn in on some tvs. So what happens on the 3ds if you are playing dsiware or any games with those same black bars ? I wonder if playing a long time this way causes any type of burn on on the 3ds ?

User Info: vJESSEv

6 years ago#2
of course... using the 3ds will also eventually cause wear to the screen.
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User Info: Howfish

6 years ago#3
it's a valid concern. Some older LCDs had this problem when HD cable wasn't really popular yet, and most channels were watched on HDTV's with black bars on the side.

My LCD is now 5 years old (I just replaced the power supply on it actually after it was starting to go, should extend the life another 2 years or so) and it's just now showing some signs of uneven wear (if a movie has a scene where it is completely dark, you can see some spots are unevenly brighter)

the 3DS after hours and hours of use with black bars COULD get uneven wear, but handhelds are meant to be used. By the time you start seeing wear due to use (3 years out our so most likely) there will likely be new iterations of the 3DS, a major 3DS price drop, etc.

Also after using the 3DS for a few months now, a few stuck pixels began to appear (barely noticeable but they're there). That's just the tech, LCD screens don't last forever, so just enjoy your system, use it and don't worry about wear from use. This isn't a ferrari, it's a handheld gaming device.
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