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User Info: TheGoddamn

6 years ago#11
Heh, FrankGrimey. Thought you died.

Also, I loved Beetleborgs. I never had a Power Rangers action figure (though I did have a Megazord) but I did have the Silver Beetleborg and his motorcycle.

"Batman to all points, I could use some air support. Because I can't fly. At all. Now would be good."

User Info: bulbinking

6 years ago#12
Lhunthangion posted...
Time to stream countless hours of Law & Order: SVU.

so much of THIS in this post

also, spongebob
Operational Operators Operating Operative Operations
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User Info: Lhunthangion

6 years ago#13
^ Heck yeah man.

User Info: Wynters387

6 years ago#14
I'm currently watching Weeds on my 3DS might rewatch dexter next.
3DS friend code: 0087-2310-3975 Currently playing Lego LoZ: OOT, Samurai Warriors: Chronicles, and LoZ: LA... Can't wait for Kid Icarus.

User Info: 7Days13Nights

6 years ago#15
wasn't nintendo working on a deal with at&t so we could use their hotspots?
Arnold 3DS FC:1289-8222-1662
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