What would be the good choice?

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User Info: Limen123

6 years ago#1
Well, I'm thinking of getting a 3DS one day, but right now, there aren't many games I want. Mainly only SF3D, TotA, KH3D, and OoT3D(note that I haven't been keeping up with games ever since its release, so there may be more now). The one game I want the most though, is KH(which likely won't be released here until Summer next year).

So my question is, is it a good idea to get the 3DS now, when prices are still high(also note that I'm tight on money), and only use it for 2 games, or wait until next Summer when more games are out and are more likely to interest me?
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User Info: trizznilla

6 years ago#2
along with the 2 games you want, you'll get:

*browser. I'm posting from it.
*3d camera. I'm addicted to it.
*A collection of AR games that I still haven't played through.
*Netflix, if you're so inclined.
*3dspaint.com has live chatrooms, and links to browser-based games.

But basically, if you are hesitant to buy something, you probably shouldn't buy it.
hardcore about the casual.

User Info: SMBfan13

6 years ago#3
Wait for original 3DS games to come out instead of these BS remakes. Those games will be more of a system seller and by the time those come out, hopefully there will be more colors of the 3DS released.
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