Where do I go to spend coins?

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User Info: Jummy123

6 years ago#1
I have coins but no idea where to go to spend them?

Thanks for your time.
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User Info: LightHawKnight

6 years ago#2
Click on mii plaza.
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User Info: IronTusk

6 years ago#3
Puzzle Piece and the Mii RPG game in Mii plaza. Also a select few 3DS games use to for unlockables.
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User Info: Nekoakuma

6 years ago#4
Besides the 3DS telling you where you can spend them, at least two or three times.

Certain games also allow you to use them (SFIV, Layton, DOA, etc)
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User Info: TheSPP

6 years ago#5
Super Street Fighter 4 lets you turn them into figure points so you can buy figurines of all the characters for Streetpass battles. Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D lets you buy weapon loadouts with them. There's a couple others.
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  3. Where do I go to spend coins?

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