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User Info: Amakusa

6 years ago#11
Just look into the DS library. There's nothing stopping you (and in fact that's why it's backward compatible to begin with).

Dragon Quest V
Dragon Quest VI
Dragon Quest IX
Radiant Historia

Any variant of Pokemon

That's what I can personally recommend.
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User Info: ChikaraX

6 years ago#12
My guess is that he was asking about some REAL 3DS titles and not DS titles.

Sadly the Final Fantasy fiasco gave us all a kick in the balls.. Not one of those 'whoops sorry' accidental taps, but one of those that really going up there.. You know.. When you feel them in your throat?! lol.

So the first RPGs that will leave Japan are Devil Survivor (Strategy/Chess Based RPG ~ Still no EU released date?) and Tales of the Abyss (Action Button Basher based RPG)

Neither of the two are my kind of RPGs but because developers lost the ability to create a decent turn-based RPGs these will have to do for the time being.. Personally I'm going for Tales because I hate chess based games a bit more, lol.

User Info: KGTrigger

6 years ago#13
Nobody has lost the ability to make decent turn-based RPGs, they just choose not to in order to appeal to today's crowd. Radiant Historia is greaaaaaaaat turn based fun.
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User Info: AP3Brain

6 years ago#14
Heyy. Don't rag on Tales. Probably my favorite jrpg series. Have you tried one of them before? They are quite awesome.

Though I am not interested in the port to the 3DS. No need to buy the game twice if nothing has changed. Good for new people I guess.

User Info: kahPOW

6 years ago#15
Thanks for the Great suggestions.

I already have GSDD, RH, and Pokemon black.

All great games (especially RH, I was especially impressed by it.)

I've never played the dragon quest games but honestly what I'm looking for isn't a full blown meal. I want something just to tied me over until I can get a full game. I'm thinking something eshop. Now a full blown DS game.

User Info: Boomer_Kuwanga

6 years ago#16
gsdarkdawn posted...
There's a DS game called Golden Sun Dark Dawn. It's an RPG with magic(called Psynergy) and creatures called Djinn you unleash and summon in battle.

It's turn-based, has items, exp, level-ups, items that boost stats, etc.

It's also truly awful. There are literally a hundred or so RPGs on the DS that aren't an insult to a great series. I recommend picking up DQ9, or Radiant Historia. If you like ARPGs, try The World Ends With You, or Phantasy Star Zero.
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User Info: darkqueenhelba

6 years ago#17
DQIX is where its at, yo!
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