How long does it take for a street pass to complete?

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User Info: paradoxworld

6 years ago#1
I am just curious how long the 3DS has to be near the other for it to get the street pass done. Is it instant? A few seconds? A minute?

I am asking because I live in an area with a lot of traffic and am across the street from a very busy gas station. I could leave my 3DS on the front porch on the charger and it would be in range of all that. But with cars, they are only there for a second or two until the traffic light let's them go. Is that long enough for a street pass to go through? Could it complete one with a moving vehicle that doesn't stop?

Just curious if it would be effective to leave it on the front porch (which is housed in. So no weather issues to worry about).

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User Info: Korlithiel

6 years ago#2
I haven't managed a streetpass from someone in a car to date. This could be explained in part because the physical barrier weakens the signal (so the range is lower), but I strongly suspect it's just I'm not close enough for long enough.

The last time I got a streetpass from a friend he pulled out his 3DS, turned on his wifi and waited. It took roughly 10 seconds, and he was easily within physical reach of my system. I only recall because he turned on his wifi, waited a short bit, opened his 3DS only to find no streetpass so he closed it again and this time asked me to turn on my wireless and I showed him the light, he checked his again and this time got the streetpass.
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User Info: Nekoakuma

6 years ago#3
Few seconds. I'd say <10seconds in optimal conditions.

But it wouldnt take more than 30.

as for if it works in cars, yes it does. (personal experience)
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User Info: Mario788

6 years ago#4
One time while walking past a friend I knew had a 3DS, the green light came on almost instantly! But when I stopped near a person who had a 3DS, it took about 20 seconds for some reason.

User Info: nonexistinghero

6 years ago#5
It sometimes just doesn't pick up an SP signal either. I don't know why. I can easily get about 6-8 SP's from employees and demo units if I take a 15 minute walk, but I usually only get 1-4. Once I've gotten 5.
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User Info: Pekaun

6 years ago#6
I say it varies. Sometimes I receive notifications rather quickly (within seconds). Other times it may take closer to a minute.

User Info: RedHoundXIII

6 years ago#7
I'd have to say it definitely varies, my friend got a streetpass while at a red light, he said he saw the green notification right when he stopped next to a mini van, must of had someone with a 3DS in it or something
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