Is the 3DS worth the 250$? hear my situation

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User Info: VegetaD

6 years ago#11
If the N64 remakes are the only thing you're interested in, I would just wait. I think the system is well worth it but for your situation I would just wait until later.

User Info: szunega

6 years ago#12
Hmm thanks for the input.

User Info: shnoob2

6 years ago#13
The 3DS is surely not worth $250. I don't care how many games on it you are interested in.

The maximum amount of money that this system should cost is probably $200 or less. There is only one must have (OoT) and the next game with a release date worth buying is Star Fox. One game every six months is not good. Especially when you can buy a PS3 for only $50 more than a 3DS.
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User Info: neoconker626

6 years ago#14
Ok, I'm going to argue the opposite view from most here.

Well I didn't buy mine... ok sort of...the ex owed child support, so just bought me a 3DS haha. So I don't feel the value as much as people who pony up the cash up front. That said, I love my 3DS. The browser is handy when I'm at work (my iTouch is faulty as hell, and I can't use work comps without violating policy). It is better than the DSi's. Doesn't seem it at a glance, but I opened both at the same time and it is clearer and faster. I like the Virtual Console. Not perfect, but I've sunk quality time into Mario, Zelda, and Kirby. And it's still new. I won't go into DSiWare, as you can do that already. And 3DSWare doesn't have much yet. One cool thing over DSi- You know how DSiWare saves to the DSi, and you have to shuffle your library? 3DS can play off the stick (not DSiWare, sorry), so games and trailers from 3DSWare and VC don't have to be juggled so much. I like the pedometer function, 3D pictures (not a replacement for a real camera, but I took some nice ones of my best friend's wedding). I've been using the music player lately- it takes mp3's unlike the DSi.

Games... a little iffy here. I mainly play DS games. So that isn't a bad thing, since they are supported (meaning almost everything the DSi can do, 3DS can do also), but it isn't enough to warrant a purchase. I own two 3DS games ATM, and I think Ocarina is TOTALLY worth it. The other is Ghost Recon. And I don't even like Ghost Recon. Surprise hit for me, a pretty good turn-based strategy game. I also played the DOA demo the other day and it seems pretty good. I don't know all the titles, just saying that some surprise you- just cuz only the n64 titles are on your radar doesn't mean you won't enjoy others. It's also got Netflix now. Not the best place to view Netflix, but nice to have portable if you don't have an ipod.

And keep in mind it's only going to get better. So it may be worth it to wait for a price drop and more titles. But if you're likely to spend the on-hand cash on something else, I think it is worth considering taking the plunge and picking it up. Your DSi stuff transfers over, your DS library is compatible, Zelda owns, etc. Up to you to decide if that's worth it to you.

I usually get a system for a particular game. Got my Xbox for Ninja Gaiden, and then started saying ok...i own this...let's buy some stuff. And fell in love with a lot of games for that system.
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User Info: vgfanboy

6 years ago#15
If you have to ask, probably not.

User Info: Th3DaRkGaM3R

6 years ago#16
I think you should wait for the price drop. That's what I am doing because like you I also am only interested in the N64 remakes and future games. It's just not worth it to get it now.
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