Seriously you lot?

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User Info: E-25

6 years ago#1

I figured someone else would've jumped right to it and posted this already based on all those prayer threads a while back.
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User Info: SShredder565

6 years ago#2
Awesome! It's not an announcement or confirmation of one, but it's nice to know.

User Info: Lord_Frood

6 years ago#3
Hooray! Thanks TC. It's ironic that I'd find this info here though seeing as how I wanted it on the Vita more, but much appreciated.
Stop making sense. People are trying to bash everything Nintendo does without thinking. Go somewhere else. - Mattperd, about the 3DS boards.

User Info: MicroOmegaMan

6 years ago#4
Well, it doesn't feel like they're committing to a 3DS version at all, based on that.

I don't blame anyone here for not being pumped by these statements.
If the game gets a bad score, bash the game; if the game gets a good score, bash the reviewer. - stanthelovebot
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User Info: Boomer_Kuwanga

6 years ago#5
Doesn't matter to me. I'll be playing tons of games on both consoles. The one that gets MH will likely become an extension of my arm for a few months, but I'll be happy with wherever they stick it.
"It was really great, stealing zombie Jesus's legendary Horse Wiener."

User Info: d0wner

6 years ago#6
Welcome comments, though miles short of an announcement.
shoot the core.

User Info: ss_beelzebub

6 years ago#7
oh happy day!

User Info: LazyBro

6 years ago#8
Multiplat MH... I see some potential problems in the future.
Hoping for co-op play between different systems is probably asking too much from CapCom.
MH fans will be split on which version to go for 3ds or Vita.

Oh well no point worrying further until CapCom makes an official announcement.
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