How's Samurai Warrior?

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User Info: nickiohh

6 years ago#1
I'm pretty much done with RE, and playing only OOT is kind of tiring(no offense). So I'm looking to buy some solid action hack n' slash.

I heard that the game is appealing even if you aren't really into Musou, with all the grinds and stuff. I wanna know, how much grinding are there exactly in the game if you're planning to perfect some stats/weapon/etc?

Thanks in advance.
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User Info: Jonbazookaboz

6 years ago#2
Its awesome. I still play regularly since day one of release!
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User Info: lambchips

6 years ago#3
it kept me occupied for about 2 months (im not really done with it yet too)
the game is only really for people that likes to grind...

here are some stuff you grind for in the game
- money
- loot (usually weapons but items can be looted too... but tbh weapons are more important)
- friendship events (its basically a dating sim... you get to choose who you want to strengthen relationships with after a mission and depending on your choice you can make them like you more or less)
^also even if they hate you, you can easily just use the generals in battle and eventually they will like you, so the only thing you unlock are character specific events that you can re experience

i got 144 or so hours clocked

as for grinding for the best weapon, weapons upgrade by synthesising the weapon you want with another weapon...

why upgrade? randomly looted weapons have randonly generated element/s and perks (in other words stat boosts)
each stat caps at 99 and cap for element is level 5

the game is very addictive if you like grinding for the best gear
^you'll need ALOT of money too, if you're aiming for the perfect weapon

i spent over 150k within a span of 1 week at one time on my perfect weapon, but at the end i didnt get all stats to 99... there were still 2 perks missing 4 points
150k took me about 2 weeks to gather (and by gather i mean back at that time, i didnt spend anything.. it was all looting)
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User Info: nickiohh

6 years ago#4
Hmm, seems like this is the game I need :)

Thanks man, anymore general infos are welcome.
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User Info: nonexistinghero

6 years ago#5
You don't need to grind a lot for the initial playthrough (about 12-15 hours on easy). If you play on harder than easy, then you will need to grind though. But it's pretty possible to go through easy, then normal without grinding. Though I do think you will need to grind for the final levels on hard.

There's also extras like 4th weapons (can only be gotten on hard with rather strict requirements that differs per weapon). Once you start working on getting everything, I recommend to use a faq (extra levels, 4th weapons and friendship events for some characters).
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User Info: Geechisu

6 years ago#6
It's awesome game! Get it if you like grinding!

User Info: lambchips

6 years ago#7
i should have said in my first post, the grinding is only for a sense of fulfillment...
most players can just run through the game with crappy gear (even on hard imo)

but having a good weapon just makes it much more fun to me (because i get to see how overpowered my character is)

also afaik the female is much stronger (though i do have to admit the male character is much more fun to use... mainly because his move set makes him jump around alot)
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User Info: Spiffy247

6 years ago#8
I really like it.
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User Info: NinjaGamer_23

6 years ago#9
excellent game. I liked the layout of the story and timeline put together.

User Info: BBlackford

6 years ago#10
You should get it, the weekly update keeps things fresh with new weapons/maps.
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