Look at my awesome new 3DS case

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User Info: GM_

6 years ago#1
Just got back from Kmart and I ended up finding this awesome shell case for my 3DS. I was actually hoping to find one like this because I'm not a fan of those big travel cases as a means of transporting my handhelds. It was just 15 bucks and has this fancy artwork on it and snaps on and off quite easily.





User Info: Blood_Nights

6 years ago#2
I work at kmart and we carry one similar to this, except it's got Link and Shiek on it surrounded by monsters.
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User Info: Korlithiel

6 years ago#3
I prefer just being able to easily pocket my system, and conveniently use the charging dock.

That said, it looks like a great case. If I were to get in the habit of backpacking my system I would definitely pick up a case like that one.
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User Info: Gavin_Rozee

6 years ago#4
It's nice but why is the artwork upside down? :S
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Final Fantasy2389 6 years ago#5
Gavin_Rozee posted...
It's nice but why is the artwork upside down? :S

So when you open it, people viewing your 3D from the other side don't see an upside down picture.

My friend got me the other one (the one with Link and Shiek and Monsters) for my Birthday. He actually had both of these. He showed me the one you have TC after I opened my present and said I could choose but I picked the one he gave me first. I love it. Not using the charging cradle is a small price to pay.
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