What is this 4 swords thing?

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User Info: chickenturkey10

6 years ago#61
Gremio6181 posted...
^ I certainly wasn't complaining about the gift sir, hell I think it's cool that Nintendo is willing to do this. I was instead tossing in a suggestion that perhaps Nintendo should do what they did with Excitebike 3-D, include on-line play, make it free for a little while, but ultimate afte a few months put a 4.99 price tag on it so they can maintain the cost of the servers, but those who got it free keep it free.

Oh, you mean like the internet channel fiasco on the Wii?
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User Info: kinsho3

6 years ago#62
toma13 posted...

How am I delusional if I know other people with a DSi olr 3DS? Do most gamers not have friends that share common interests with them? Are you really so anti-social that the concept of having another friend/family member who owns a DS is a completely foreign concept to you? Pretty much every friend I have owns a DS, maybe not a DSi or 3DS yet, but I know at least some of them do. You've really never played a local-multiplayer only DS game? I know I have plenty of times. I've traded Pokemon, I've snet and received music and games in Warioware, I've played NSMB, Mario Kart, all kinds of crap really. I actually prefer local multiplayer to online a lot of the time because it's more social. I'm not saying online wouldn't be nice, but this is a freebie we're talking about here, not a major upcoming system pillar title.

I was talking about people that have a 3DS, but don't know anybody else with a 3DS. And yes, I'm one of those people. My circle of friends used to be mostly gamers until I grew up and moved away from my hometown.

And learn the meaning of anti-social. If you're going to throw around baseless assumptions, at least use the right damn words.
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