am I the only one who would have preferred a higher resolution over 3D?

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User Info: osboes

6 years ago#51
I'm not really sure the 3DS could of gave a higher resolution unless they ditched the 3D. The 3D send two images to each eye. So I guess if the images were HD wouldn't that put more strain on the hardware? I'm not sure the 3DS can pull that off unless 3D is off.

Just wondered because I guess that'd rule out Nintendo putting in a better resolution screen in the visions of 3DS. What happened with the lite, dsi and xl? They just made the screens bigger without improving the resolution didn't they?

User Info: shahed1987

6 years ago#52
From what I've seen of the 3D, I personally don't think it's very good. Although admittedly I've only seen Street Fight and Pilotwings in a store. But then I've never been a big fan of 3D in the first place.

Now I would have bought the 3DS anyways even if it had no 3D, simply for the next generation of handheld games. I'd always planned to buy the 3DS and play it in 2D.

So based on that I'd have preferred a higher resolution over the 3D, although it need not match the Vita.

However I have yet to buy my 3DS so i might change my mind later.

Incidentally, how does Street Fight and Pilot WIngs stack up compared to other games in the 3D aspect?
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User Info: OrionOmega

6 years ago#53
I know graphics are not important for a game to be good, but that aside, since I always play 3DS games with the 3D off, I'd like to use that processing power for better graphics and better speakers.
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User Info: Psicotic_

6 years ago#54
Starwars4J posted...
Psicotic_ posted...
Only thing the Vita has over the 3DS in that little list of yours is the graphics. Which Sony has always been one to focus more on graphics rather than being creative as Nintendo is

Starwars4j: The Gamecube stomped the PS2

Uh. wat? Gamecube stomped the PS2? looooool I'm not even gonna dignify that with a real response

And I say Nintendo focuses on being creative rather than graphics cause the DS revolutionized handhelds with its touchscreen, and look at the Wii. Revolutionized console gaming with the motion controls. Now the 3DS doing 3D. While Sony copies Nintendo and improves the graphics. Of course their online is much better.
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User Info: artificialjunk

6 years ago#55
Not that 3d is a bad thing, but the resolution on the 3ds is absolutely pathetic. It's 2011, no other "state of the art" product is so pitiful.
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  3. am I the only one who would have preferred a higher resolution over 3D?

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