So, who here agrees that a lot of the Game Boy's reception is nostalgia?

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  3. So, who here agrees that a lot of the Game Boy's reception is nostalgia?

User Info: Vyers

6 years ago#51
r_m_8_8 posted...
Accusations of nostalgia get weaker with each generation

They do? I've yet to see this. I get accused of it a lot for playing Wii, let alone a last gen system. If anything, right now you have to like the "modern AAA masterpieces" to be even considered a gamer.

But this all is beyond the point. You admit DK and Zelda are good games, and those are the games that are getting the praising. When we get bad games this forum is flooded by complains, so I guess those people need more nostalgia if anything.

The fact of the matter is that the Game Boy is regarded as one of the better major consoles, when it really isn't.

As for your above argument, that's silly, and no reasonable person holds that. There is a legitimate case to say that a number of people who fondly remember NES games and Game Boy games are often blinded by nostalgia; why would there be any nostalgia involved in playing a game that is pretty much up-to-date technology wise?
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User Info: r_m_8_8

6 years ago#52
But I've yet to see those people claiming Tennis and SML are flawless games that didn't age. Even people who like those games around here admit they're far from perfect, but still enjoyable. There can be nostalgia involved with anything from the past, sure, but implying nostalgia is the only reason people listen to The Beatles or play Super Mario Land is wrong.

Some time ago I was told I was "blinded by nostalgia" because I said Spelunker HD is one of my favorite PS3 games to date. That's absurd because the original Spelunker is 5 years older than me, and because I discovered it last year. I genuinely enjoy it and think it's a really fun and challenging platformer. No nostalgia involved at all.
Play games, not systems. There are people who like games that you don't, grow up.

User Info: lipnox88

6 years ago#53
at first I thought GB games were a dumb idea for 3ds but then I played what the eshop has to offer. I find that the GB releases are usually equal quality to the better eshop games and until we get things like Kirby, zelda, and super mario land on eshop if we want games that are installed on the system I think most of the games so far are perfect choices for 5-15min game sessions.
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  3. So, who here agrees that a lot of the Game Boy's reception is nostalgia?

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